Ecoflo Solar Pumping

Ecoflo Irrigation is introducing a low-cost and highly efficient solar pumping solutions running your existing pump from 1hp to 20hp.

Highlights of the Ecoflo Solar:

  • No battery, hence no recurring cost
  • No starter. Auto and manual operation mode
  • Use existing/ same 3phase AC pumps, including submersible pump available on the farm or in market
  • Highly efficient solar panels
  • Approx. life of 20 Yrs
  • Specially designed for farmers
  • Best for lift irrigation where cabling cost is very high
  • Available from 1hp to 20hp. Starting from 1hp solar pumping and controller, that can be upgraded to 2hp or more by adding PV panels
  • Special 0.5hp complete solar kit with pump and irrigation system
  • Add- on options- Arrangement for lighting and anti-theft


Available from 0.5 to 20hp.

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Ecoflo Solar Pumping