Ecoflo Treadle Pump

EcofloIndia is one of the best treadle pump  manufacturers in India and worldwide . We are one of the top  treadle pump exporters in India since many years .We export the finest quality treadle pump in India as well as abroad .

The Ecoflo Treadle pump is based on the treadle pumps introduced in Bangladesh in 1985. The metal moving parts in the traditional treadle pump are replaced by plastic components which makes the Ecoflo Treadle pump unique and one of its kinds. Since all its moving parts are in durable and tough plastic the Ecoflo Treadle pump is rust- free and light. The Ecoflo pump can suck water from 15ft max. depth, lift water upto 45ft enough to fill a overhead tank and transport water upto 1km. This pump can easily run @ 5000lit/hr.  The Ecoflo treadle pump weighs just 12kgs and can be ported to any place with minimum efforts.

The Ecoflo treadle pump works on simple stepping motion. Hence, it runs without electricity and zero operational cost. This makes the Ecoflo Treadle pump suitable for marginal farmers helping them to irrigate their plots. For a typical marginal farmer, problems like suction of water, lifting of water, transporting water and irrigating their plot can be easily solved by Ecoflo treadle pump. Once irrigation is possible, farmers can cultivate in dry-season and grow out of poverty. Hence, the Ecoflo treadle pump is reasonably priced keeping the marginal farmers in mind.

Ecoflo treadle pump can be used for any application where pumping of water is necessary. In case of sudden power-cuts, emergency water pumping, load-shedding, etc. Ecoflo treadle pump can be an apt solution wherein it can be carried to any place and operated with minimum physical efforts.

Ecoflo treadle pump awarded as.

“Winner of the most prestigious Marico Innovation for India Award-2008 in the business for the social sector”

“Winner of Plastindia Foundation Plasticon-2005 Award toward Excellence in contribution to agriculture”


ACCESSORIES- For effective use of the ecoflo pump:

1. 2″ Delivery pipe and nipple

2. 1.5″ Suction pipe and outer nipple

3. Foot valve with nipple


1. Mini Sprinkler kit- The Ecoflo treadle pump is capable of irrigating max.500sq.mtrs plot with 12sprinklers.

2. Inline Drip kit- The Ecoflo treadle pump is capable of irrigating max.500sq.mtrs plot with 25mtrs of 20inlines rolls at an equal distance of 1mtr. It can also irrigate a land of more than 500sq.mtrs by inter-changing the outlet pipes of the plot. 

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Ecoflo Treadle pump

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