Flexi Tank

All micro irrigation kits require water to be stored at height of 3mtrs for the gravity flow of the water in the pipes and outlets. This water has to be manually lifted into the tank; the easiest way to fill the tank is by the use of the Ecoflo treadle pump.

Flexi-tanks having capacity of 150liters upto 1000 litres



  • These are portable & very easy to tie. These are durable & UV-stabilized with life upto 5years.
  • These are foldable & light weight with liner.


There are various options available for the storage tanks.

1. Flexi Tank of 150,300,500 and 1000ltrs – Stand-alone tank. Foldable, light-weight and easy to install. With top cap for inlet and a bottom cock for outlet.
2. Flexi Tank of 200-250ltrs to be hung between 2 trees.
3. Used Plastic drums of 200ltrs capacity
4. Rotomolded stackable tanks of 250ltrs capacity.


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Flexi-tank brochure