Ecosoft Electronic Water Conditioner

Hardness in water is caused due to dissolved Calcium and Magnesium salts. Scaling is caused due to the precipitation of these salts on all the material that this hard water comes in contact with i.e pipes, driplines, taps, etc.
Research shows that these salts combine with each other to form crystals and have a tendency to stick to itself and other materials to form scales.
EcoSoft Water Conditioner neutralizes this bonding ability of salts in water, using a series of controlled complex modulating high frequency waveform. This field breaks the bonds between molecules (that form scales) and water, resulting in breaking of large mineral crystals into small mineral particles. This prevents the charged particles from bonding with other minerals or surface. Hence, scaling is reduced significantly. In this process, the previously formed scales eventually breaks down and flushed with the flowing charged water.


Advantages of EcoSoft water conditioner:
• Freedom from hard water problems
• Prevents scale formation
• No use of chemicals
• Minimizes clogging of drippers
• Maintenance free
• Negligible power consumption
• One-time investment
EcoSoft water conditioner is widely used in agriculture to improve the plant growth and increase the life of the agricultural equipment/irrigation material.
EcoSoft water conditioner is also used for household applications for health reasons.