Midi Sprinkler

Each Midi sprinkler assembly consist of midi sprinkler with 0.3 – 1 mtr of 4mm tubing and 4mm connector which can go into the 12 or 16mm lateral. Special holding stakes to hold the assembly firmly also available as an optional item.

Midisprinkler system is used particularly for plantation with a height of above 2ft. These are the only ones which give best uniformity at the ht of 2.5-3ft.

Can be used for all types of crops like ginger, onion, shatavari, vegetables & nurseries.

Very economical and effective for stevia,etc.


Types available

Midi Sprinkler with tubing. Stake is optional.

Operating pressure


Emission rate from each nozzle

180lph at 2kg/cm2

Wetting radius

4mtr at 2kg/cm2*

Maximum coverage

90% at 2kg/cm2*

Manufactured from

Polyacetal resin

*Height of the midi sprinkler= 2ft.

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Midi Sprinkler

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