Irrigation Kits

EcofloIndia is one of the best manufacturers of  low cost irrigation kits of best quality in India .We are well known suppliers of irrigation drip kits in India and abroad in the agriculture industry .

We have a huge range of micro -irrigation kits which can be powered by

1.Gravity (drum/bucket kit),

2. Ecoflo hand pump, or

3.Ecoflo treadle pump

These kits use either,

1.  Inlines (thin walled integrated driplines) or

2. Mini sprinklers 

Standard kits:

  • Dripline Gravity kit
  • Dripline Gravity kit
  • mini sprinkler -Ecoflo hand pump kit
  • mini sprinkler -Ecoflo treadle pump kit
  • Dripline Gravity Kit (PE Pipe)
  • Dirpline Gravity Kit (PE Pipe)
  • Dripline Gravity Kit (Rigid PE Pipe)
  • Dripline Mini Sprinkler Kit
  • 1/2Acre ( Dripline Gravity Kit (Rigid PE Pipe)
  • 1/2Acre ( Dripline Motor Kit (PVC Pipe)
  • 1Acre ( Dripline Motor Kit (Rigid PE Pipe)
  • 1Acre ( Dripline Motor Kit (PVC Pipe)
  • 1Hectare ( Dripline Motor Kit (PVC Pipe)
  • 2Hectares ( Dripline Motor Kit (PVC Pipe)